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Meet The Executive Staff
Our Teachers

We believe that one key to a successful preschool  is the quality of the staff. Teachers are
chosen to be a part of Daffodils Preschool - based on experience, degrees, personality,
their love for children, and their diligence. Teaching social skills, acceptable behavior and
appropriate responses is an important part of our curriculum and a teacher's value
system is a priority because first and foremost, we are character builders.

We pride ourselves in a low turn over rate, because a low turn over rate means teachers
are excited about the facility, the program, the administration and the quality of care. If
teachers are happy to be at work they will create a fun and enriching learning environment
for the children. Most of our staff has been with us since we opened in 2004.

We have low teacher to child ratios ensuring that each child can get the individual attention
he/she needs. Our goal at Daffodils Preschool is to provide an environment that
stimulates children to learn and challenges staff to excel.
Director of Operations
Sabiha Tanvir
Director of
Curriculum  Shamsa
Director of Administration
Nalini Sridharan

Ms Sabiha Tanvir
Director of Operations /Owner

Ms Sabiha Tanvir, has a degree in Business from The University of Texas at Austin and was an Honors
Student . She is also a certified Montessori teacher.  She has over 15 years of experience working with
children. Coming from a family of early childhood educators she has been working with children from a
very early age. She has always aspired to be in a profession, which involved children. After graduating
from college she pursued her passion for teaching and her aspiration to offer a quality educational
environment for preschoolers. She completed her Montessori and early childhood training and teamed
with her mother and her friend to open a Progressive Montessori school. Ms Tanvir is a strong proponent
of Education reforms. She believes the Education system needs to be more Progressive with more room
for creativity, aesthetics and freedom of thinking. “It is important to think of education as a right and not a
need. Because when you define education as a need you are focusing on the lack of certain things as
opposed to a right and then you focus on the potential and possibilities”.

Ms Shamsa Tanvir
Director of Curriculum/Owner

Ms Shamsa Tanvir has been an early childhood educator for over 30 years. She has a degree in
education and over the years has done several early childhood courses. She started her teaching career
in India working at an Irish school for 2 years. She then moved to Riyadh, and taught at an American
school for over 15 years. She finally decided to start her own Private Preschool. In 1996 she started Care
Bears preschool, which she owned until 2007.  She has served as a consultant for many schools,
designed curriculums, conducted educational workshops, and been invited as a speaker on Early
Childhood Education on several occasions. She has designed the curriculum at Daffodils Preschool
using years of experience and expertise.

Ms Nalini Sridharan
Administrative and Accounts Director/Owner

Ms Nalini graduated with a Masters in Business Administration from University of Dallas. She also has a
Diploma in Montessori Early Childhood Education. Her interest in the Montessori system began when she
started researching childcare for her daughter. It was an eye opening experience as she visited a number
of facilities. She found that preschools varied greatly in affordability, and accessibility, and high-quality
programs were severely short. After her extensive research, she finally decided to enroll her daughter in a
Montessori preschool and went back to school to get a Montessori Diploma. Sharing ideologies, Ms
Nalini, Ms Sabiha and Ms Shamsa, partnered together to bring together a quality “Progressive Montessori”
About Us

Daffodils Preschool is privately owned. It was founded by Ms Shamsa Tanvir, Ms Sabiha Tanvir and Ms Nalini Sridharan. They shared a
common vision for a quality progressive preschool, which combines best practices from various early learning philosophies integrated into
a complete curriculum.Their vision is to provide a wholesome learning experience in a creative and aesthetically pleasing environment,
with a program that allows all facets of a child’s personality to evolve and exposes them to a range of educational and extracurricular
activities.After three years of planning, hard work, dedication and patience in Spring of 2004, their  dream blossomed into a reality called
“Daffodils Preschool”

The Daffodils' Family
'A Progressive Montessori'
4901 Arroyo Trail. McKinney, TX