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Our Programs
We offer 2 Day , 3 Day and 5 Day programs

Half Day Program : 8:30 -12:30pm
School Day Program: 8:30 - 3:00pm
Full Day Program: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
Nursery (Ages 6 weeks to 18 months)

At Daffodils Nursery our smallest students are lovingly cared for in a self-contained nursery. The environment is set up to foster infants'
physical, sensory, social, emotional and intellectual development. Teachers can be found singing, talking and reading to, cuddling,
playing or rocking with the babies every day. Every baby has its own unique schedule and parents have the peace of mind in
determining the daily schedule. The teachers keep a daily record of your baby’s growth and development, and their progress is always
shared with you. Our nursery is designed with the safety and security of each infant in mind, from the room layout to the specially
selected cribs, toys and equipment.
Toddler I (Ages 18 months  to 2 years)

The toddler program is designed to provide a gentle transition for children starting preschool. Teachers and parents work together to
help children become comfortable in their new surroundings and the concept of being separated from their parents for extended
periods of time. The program focuses on helping children develop independence, motor skills, physical coordination, communication
skills,concentration and sensory discrimination. Children are active learners who learns best when interacting with other children,
making major choices, discovering, grappling with challenges and solving problems. During the day children are encouraged to
engage in  enriched free play and teacher- designed and teacher guided projects, planned so that they expand upon what a child has
freely elected to do. Language development is encouraged through story time, songs, nursery rhymes and social interaction.
Toddler II (Ages 2 years - 3 years)

In the Toddler II program children start working on phonetics and letter recognition through the letterland program. They are also
introduced to number concepts, shape and color recognition. Children start working with Montessori materials through practical life
and sensorial activities; designed to help improve their fine and gross motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. During the day
children are encouraged to engage in  enriched play and teacher-designed projects. A variety of extracurricular activities are offered to
enhance learning.
Primary/Kindergarten (Ages 3 years - 6 years)

By the age of three most children are developing independence and are eager to learn about the world around them. The Primary
program is designed to help children develop and discover new interests and skills. The program focuses on five key learning areas:
practical life, sensorial, language, maths and science/geography. Each class has learning centers equipped with specially designed
materials. Children are free to move around between the different centers and choose activities of their interest. A variety of
supplemental activities, such as: arts and crafts, story time,imaginary play, computers, etc., are used to enhance learning.