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4901 Arroyo Trail. McKinney, TX
We believe.... starts at birth.The first years bring “windows of opportunity” that open a child’s life
forever. The greatest gift we can give a child is a preschool education at a high-quality school.
We believe....
.....Children teach themselves and at the same time they like some level of organization and
discipline. Children have natural tendencies toward exploration, hard work, creativity, and
communication. Our goal is to create a learning environment, which feeds the evolving
passions of the children.  
We believe....
......that at the early childhood stage children are entirely given over to their physical
surroundings, absorbing their world through their senses and responding through imitation.
Therefore adults concerned with young children, including parents,teachers, and
caregivers,have a responsibility to create an environment worthy of unquestioning imitation.  
We believe.... is a very important learning tool. It allows children  to express themselves and at the
same time develops their creativity. Just as art is an integral part of a curriculum we believe
an artistic and aesthetically pleasing physical environment is equally key in early learning.
We believe....
......each child is an unique individual who takes an active role in his or her own learning and
development. The deep respect demonstrated toward children and the quality of the
relationships between adults and children is a key premise in designing our program.