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School Calendar and Events:

The effectiveness of any program lies in the mutual understanding and respect of parents and
teachers. With this cooperation, the child will receive maximum benefit from his preschool
experience. We plan several events throughout the year to allow parents the opportunity to be a
part of their child's preschool experience:

Meet the Teachers' day
Birthday Celebrations
Parent Teacher Conferences
Holiday Parties
Mother's Day Tea
Father's Day Coffee and Donuts
Art Exhibitions
Graduation Party

Please click on the links to see the school calendar and a list of important events during the year:
Bad Weather Updates and Notifications:

During bad weather, we make every attempt to assess the road conditions and notify staff and
students as early as possible.  Every effort is made to assess the road conditions and make a
final decision by 6:30 a.m.  Although, there have been cases where the weather worsened
during the morning hours and a decision was made later .  

Daffodils Preschool  follows Frisco ISD for school closing or delays.  But since our parents and
teachers commute from different areas of   Mckinney, Frisco, Allen and Plano we also watch
surrounding area ISD's for updates.

Based on the weather and driving conditions if we feel the need for an early dismissal, delayed
opening or school closing we will post updates on our phone lines. We will also send parents
e-mail notifications. You can get the latest update by calling the school at (972)
548-2322 or (972)562-5200.

Please note that the Daffodils school phone lines are the first place information is updated.
call 972.562.5200